You Point. You Click. You Follow The Steps. You Make Sales.


Now you can earn 70% (up to 80%) commissions on the Marlon Sanders' Marketing Dashboard.

Here is the new commission schedule:

Your Total Sales Per Month
Commission Structure
Sell $0 - $4999 in any month
You get 70% Commission
Sell $5,000 + in any one month
You get 80% Commission

These commissions apply to the "Marketing Dashboard" only. On my other products you earn a 50% to 60% commission, or a one time flat rate like you do with sales of "The Cash Like Clockwork System!".

---> Here's how you can get started:

If you're not already signed up just go to this URL and fill in the form:

After signing up you'll get a new Reseller ID Number. From there you login to your account and click on PRODUCTS to get your Marketing Dashboard promo link.

If you are an existing reseller, login here:

Please note: Built into the Marketing Dashboard are 7 free software trials. You earn a RECURRING monthly commission on any paid trial subscriptions. The prices range from $4.95 a month to $14.99 a month and you get 50% in commission.

This means you can continue to earn back-end commissions in addition to the flat rate 70% - 80% on the front end Marketing Dashboard sales.