Dear Internet Friend,

We use cookies on our web site in order to know what page you enter my site on, what page you exit on, how long you stay here, what browser you used and also to track who referred you to our site.  This is also how we track who sells our products.

That's what cookies do.  Nearly everything else you hear about them is b.s. and hysteria. 

They are extremely small text files that give marketers basic information make your web surfing experience better.

I use live personwhich allows us to chat with customers real time and gives us the above basic stats. Basically that lets me see ip addresses which helps me spot people who steal our products and it tells me what browsers people use so I can optimize our sites. And how long they spend on pages so I can know if our pages suck or not, and referring url's so I can know where our people come from who buy our products so I can go out and find more like 'em.

We use google analytics. And you can read their privacy data here.

Also, we take credit card orders on our site. We maintain databases with your order information in secure areas.